Guest presentations

Tom Cockburn, University of Bradford: “Children, the Feminist Ethic of Care and Childhood Studies: Is this the way to further children’s well-being?” 10. november 2009

Tom Cockburn, University of Bradford: “Young People’s Involvement in Democratic Structures in England: Yes but are you listening” 11. november 2009

Jacqueline Turton, Essex University: “Betrayal of trust – victims of maternal incest” 28. oktober 2010

Julia Grosse, Ersta Sköndal högskola: “Trust dynamics in a life course perspective” 28. oktober 2010

Sharon Pinkney, The Open University, Yorkshire: “Trust relationships between children, young people and social welfare professionals” 28. oktober 2010

Claudio Baraldi, University of Modena and Reggio Emilia: “Trust, facilitation and adolescent’s participation in educational interactions” 28. oktober 2010

Jo Moran-Ellis, University of Surrey, UK: “Trust in research with children” 29. oktober 2010

Professor Deborah Harcourt, Australian Catholic University, Australia:”Young children as co-researchers: theory and practice” 16. maj 2011

Dr. Jonathon Sargeant, University of Southern Queensland, Australia: “Childhood by children: perspectives of their world” 16. maj 2011